Cake Dive!

Cake Dive What is a Cake Dive?

A Cake Dive is a fun contest in which a prize is baked into a beautiful wedding cake. 6 Participants, at a designated time, have to sift through the cake with their hands, feet, mouths – whatever, to find the prize. The participant who finds the prize wins it. It’s that simple!

Why a Cake Dive?

Because it’s fun!

What’s the Prize?

Participants will dive through a lovely cake  to win a really good prize. Stay tuned to find  out what!

When and where is the Cake Dive?

The Cake Dive will be held During the Nittany Weddings Showcase on Sunday, October 21, 2017 at approximately 1:45 PM in the Ballroom at Toftrees Golf Resort & Conference Center.

I want to be in the Cake Dive! How do I get selected?

The 6 participants of the Cake Dive will be selected in 2 ways:

4 Participants will be selected through mini-promotional contests to be held throughout the summer leading up to the Showcase.

The final 2 Participants will be selected from registered brides who are present at the Showcase at the time of the Cake Dive.

(If one of the 4 mini-contest winners is not present at the Showcase at the time of the Cake Dive, their spot will be forfeited and will be awarded to an additional registered and present attendee.)

Good Luck!